Building the Unity


PMA fosters renewed unity among local unions in metal industry. It unites workers to advance their rights, welfare and concerns through collective actions and solidarity based on the principle of democratic and responsible unionism.

PMA has started to become one of the collective answers of the Filipino metalworkers against the onslaught of neo liberal globalization and continuing deprivation of workers rights’ in the local metal industry.

PMA is also a venue for renewed dynamism and unity in the labor movement through its organizing, education and campaign initiatives.

PMA Welcomes independent and federation unions for consolidation and help unorganized workers.

Programs and Activities

  • Organizational Assessment


  1. Strengthen the rights of men and women workers;
  2. Influence progressively government to make decisions and policies that will lead to fair distribution of growth and resources particularly in the metal industry;
  3. Consolidate the already organized metal workers and organize the unorganized; and
  4. Use the alliance as a venue to conduct joint and collective actions/campaigns vital to the interests of all metalworkers.

Our Story


PMA started as a broad alliance of automotive, iron and steel, and electronics and electrical sectors.

PMA was launched on November 9, 2003 after a series of consultations that started in 2002.

Seeing the need for a legal identity, PMA registered to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) as a workers’ association on March 14, 2005. This reinforced the Alliance’s work of consolidating organized and unorganized workers in the metal industry.

On May 13, 2008, PMA registered to the DOLE as a National Union to serve more workers by maximizing the coverage of Republic Act 9481 or the Act Strengthening the Workers’ Constitutional Right to Self-Organization, enacted on May 25, 2007.